Cabins in Lofoten
Fredvang and Krystad Village Society

About Fredvanghytta Cabin: Strandbo

Fredvang, in the borough of  Flakstad on the island of Moskenes鴜a, Lofoten.

Height above sea level:
Approx. 270 metres.

Nearest rambling areas: Kvalvika, Fuglehuk, Ryten

NOK 800 a night for four persons and an additional NOK 150 per extra person when more than 4 people. Keys to be returned by 3 pm.

2 bedrooms with altogether 8 beds. Open loft room with 6-8 berths.

NB: You must bring your own sleeping bag or bedclothes.


Gas stove.

Sanitary conditions:
Outside toilet a short distance from cabin. No shower.

Bring your own drinking water. Tank water only suitable for washing and cleaning.

Contact details:
Leif Normann: +47 916 76 044
Email: [email protected]

Pick up at Leif Normann Solhaug's house at Indresand in Fredvang  +47 916 76 044
Parking by the main road, path up to mountains.



















Fredvanghytta Cabin: "Strandbo"

The Fredvanghytta cabin is located on the island of Moskenes鴜a in the Lofoten Islands, and is one of the most unique cabins you will find in our beautiful archipelago. In less than 40 minutes you can wallk up the mountain to this Lofoten cabin and a fantastic view stretching from Vester錶en in the north, to Bod?in the south, that can only be described as magical.

Our spacious mountain cabin is well situated as a starting point for further walks in the mountains. In less than an hour you can walk to well-known Kvalvika with its almost one kilometre long sandy beach overlooking the Arctic Ocean and the far side of the Lofoten Islands. Or you can walk to the summit of Ryten, where you will feel the excitement build in your stomach as you approach the precipice that drops straight down into the sea. There, 500 metres above sea level, and with a view you can only dream of, you will have the perfect nature experience.

There are other easily accessible mountains in Fredvang, with trails that are suitable for both young and old. The cabin抯 location provides a good starting point for these, too. You can walk to Fuglehuk further north on Moskenes鴜a, or walk southwards and visit abandoned fishing hamlets like Horseide and Hermannsdalen.

Lofoten will probably apply for UNESCO World Heritage status, and the far side of Moskenes鴜a may also become a national park. Fredvanghytta cabin is situated in this very area.

So take the opportunity to spend the night in our excellent cabin, in the heart of the unique Lofoten countryside.

View from Fredvanghytta cabin.

  More photos

Fredvang and Krystad Village Society, c/o Leif Normann Solhaug, 8387 Fredvang. Tel.: (+47) 916 76 044 - [email protected]

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